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What steps can I take to be a more supportive parent?

PFLAG's Answer

As a parent, you have to take care of yourself and your child. PFLAG is here to help you with your individual needs so that you can be an even better parent.

Asking questions at this website is a first step to supporting your child -- you have shown you are open to new information and hopefully you will continue to keep asking thoughtful questions and looking for good answers.

Supporting your child now should be a natural extension of your general support as a parent: We need to talk, listen and learn together. Every child needs different things from his or her parents. It is up to you to learn how to communicate with him or her about their needs and issues surrounding sexual orientation.

Some parents find they are better able to understand and support their child by recognizing the similarities and differences in their own life experiences. In some cases, it may help to talk about how you have dealt with hurtful incidents.

But in other cases, you must recognize that discrimination based on sexual orientation is hurtful in a unique way.

Here you can support your child by education yourself as thoroughly as possible about homosexuality and by helping to bring it out of hiding in our society. It's the hiding that allows prejudice and discrimination to survive.

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