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I am a female who has a close gay male friend that I love dearly. In the course of our friendship he has not spoken much about his sexuality but recently he met a guy that he is interested in and is sharing his feelings about the potentially developing relationship. I am exremely happy for him, he's been alone for a long time and deserves all the happiness he can get. I should mention that he has admitted that he is inexperienced with relationships... When he asks me for advice in what he should do to further the relationship etc. etc.I have been saying the same things I would say to any friend who asks for relationship advice, but it occurred to me that perhaps there is something specific or some special way I should handle his questions. It would be terrible if my advice HURTS his chances! Can you tell me if there anything specific to same sex relationships and romance that I may benefit from knowing or any specific areas that might be a concern for him and his possible boyfriend that he might ask me about? Also, if you can recommend any good books or have other any suggestions on how I can be the BEST friend and most supportive friend to him that I can be all the time but especially now, I would be appreciative! Thanks!

PFLAG's Answer
Dear Best Friend, There is no difference between being a good friend to a straight person or a gay person. Treating your friend who happens to be gay like you would any friend you love is the best thing you could do. Listening, letting him know you're there for him, and want him to be safe and happy and find someone who loves and respects him is what any friend would want. If you haven't already done so, you might ask to meet your friend's new boyfriend just as you would if another friend were in a new relationship. And, as the saying goes, just Stay Close.

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