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Congressman Gregory Meeks & his brother John

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks worked his way up from poverty to become one of the most respected members of the U.S. Congress. For years, heís been a fierce consumer advocate and has championed other causes on Capitol Hill, such as protecting the environment. He represents New Yorkís 6th district and resides in Far Rockaway, Queens with his wife and three children.

Letter from John:

The first thing I need to say is how proud I am that my brother would stand with me just as I am. 
Growing up in the projects of East Harlem we didnít have much, but we had each other.  My brother is ten years older than I, so he paved the way in the neighborhood.  No one messed with me but my siblings.  I remember those days filled with love and family.  Those are the values that I hold dearly to.  They get you through the hard times, you know.  Most recently, when my brother came to Los Angeles with the Congressional Black Caucus for their hearings on police brutality in minority
communities, I went down town to see him in action.  He made me very proud, not giving up when testifying city officials would try and sugarcoat their answers, sideswipe the question or not answer it at all.  He went toe to toe and fought to hear the truth.  At the end of the forum, Gregory gave me a hug and introduced me to his colleagues. 

When we got back to his hotel and were alone, I expressed to my brother my frustrations of my own lack of success in the entertainment industry and I started to weep.  He simply held me in his arms and said "Someday someone will recognize your talent. You canít give up."  Thatís the family I was raised with, undying faith, love and support. Never letting each other lose faith in themselves and what they have to offer our society.  DreamÖ Big.

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