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Cyndi Lauper & her sister Elen

Musical Artist Cyndi Lauper is revered for revolutionizing pop music. The native New Yorker’s early eye-popping style and fusion of electic sounds expanded the pop landscape and elevated the genre. Her early hit songs remain anthems of self-expression.  

Extract from a PFLAG interview with Cyndi and her sister Elen on December 23rd, 2004:

Cyndi: “I decided {to participate in the campaign} because it think it’s an important issue....I think....civil rights for all of us is really important... I’ve always been close to my sister... I love my sister....and our mother taught us that if you’re different from each other, you’re still family... if you have to put it down to a very basic Italian-American saying: “you don’t turn your back on your own”.

“I believe there’s a God but I believe that God loves all the flowers even the wild ones that grow on the side of the road...and if you truly believe in God, then you truly gotta look inside your heart...”

“Sometimes you gotta open up your heart a little bit and understand people and give them’s all about love...and relationships and getting to know people...nobody knows your family better than you...nobody will know your children better than you know them...because you know that deep down inside if you loved your children and gave them everything they needed....even if they turn out to be somebody different than you want them to be.... they have that basic fundamental thing: the love that you gave can’t turn that on and off.”

“It is a family issue, it’s about how much you really love your kids... how much you really love your family...because when God puts it to you , you can have all your rules and regulations.... and then God puts it to you right where it really your family... you love you love your kids??   To me, I always loved my sister, and I was always proud of my sister.”

Elen: “I’ve been out for a while, since my early 20s...I’ve been going to gay pride festivals and parades for years... and a couple years ago, I was able to go on a PFLAG float with both Cyndi and my Mom.....and that was the first time my Mom’s ever been with me on an event where she was proud of me...that was really heartwarming.. this {campaign} is kind of the next step... where we get to say to people this is what it means to be more human, you love the people that are close to you...that’s what it means, it’s that simple.”

“{Cyndi and I} were pretty close growing up... until probably adolescence... because here I was trying to figure out...I was having crushes on girls… I didn’t really know what was going on….I was deeply closeted.  And that, I think, is the hardest thing about being gay...even though it’s better now...supposedly... if there’s nobody else in your family, if there’s nobody else that has a similar experience, you’re going through adolescence with nobody to talk to about various crushes that you have.. you know how intense it is when you’re a teenager... the emotions are really high....your hormones are raging...and they’re all talking about their various boyfriends and you’re going ‘uh huh’ ....”

: “I think {the campaign} teaches us that we’re all human beings and that we all deserve the respect and the love of a human being.. we’re not 3/5 of a man, we’re human beings and we’re lovable and we are worthy of respect.”

Cyndi: “It’s all about love and respect...and pride in each other...and family... PFLAG is about family.”


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