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Why This Campaign is So Important

  • It is estimated that one in 4 families includes someone that is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

  • 69% of GLBT youth report experiencing some form of harassment or violence, with 46% reporting verbal harassment, 36% reporting sexual harassment, 12% reporting physical harassment, and 6% reporting physical assault.

  • Gay and lesbian youths are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other youths.

  • Of 1.3 million homeless children on America's streets, 500,000 are thought to be GLBT kids thrown out by their parents.

How This Campaign Came About

These facts could not be ignored any longer. So in 2002, PFLAG NY took the lead in developing an awareness campaign to get the word out about the PFLAG organization to parents, families, teachers, clergy, politicians, GLBT people, and the general public. The goal was to reach people who would most benefit from PFLAG's services and, ultimately, to increase acceptance, reduce bigotry, and change hearts and minds.

PFLAG NY recruited talented individuals from various fields (advertising, PR, law, media) to work pro bono on the awareness effort, which became known as the "Stay Close" campaign.  After three years in the making, PFLAG NY launched "Stay Close" featuring straight celebrities with their gay relatives. The message is simple: Stay Close to your loved ones because relationships are too precious to lose.

Participating Chapters

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