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Why Stay Close?
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Stay Close...
Because Relationships are Too Precious to Lose.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are not choices. Being honest about them is one of the most difficult, courageous, and ultimately affirming moments in a GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered) personís life.

The Stay Close Campaign urges all people to get the facts on sexual orientation and gender identity. Neither are "choices." They are as much a part of people as the color of their eyes, their height, or their left-handedness. At least one family in four includes someone who is GLBT.

Coming out takes courage and honesty. When someone comes out, they are taking a risk. They especially fear the effect on the ones they love the most, their family members and friends. The consequences can be challenging. But honesty can also strengthen relationships and build new bridges.

PFLAG encourages people with GLBT friends and family to connect with others for information and emotional support so that you can remain close to those who mean the most to you, and who now need your love most.

Coming out is an emotional risk. Many people think they have no choice but to struggle with their sexual orientation alone, unaware that resources exist to break down barriers and keep families and friends together.

Common myths and stereotypes about gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals prevail, too often dividing families and communities.

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered is simply a human difference that our society needs to better understand, not only so loved ones are more comfortable staying close to each other, but so that GLBT people are treated with the inherent dignity and respect everyone deserves.

The Stay Close Campaign will raise awareness, provide support and make it easier for families and friends to stay close during the often painful transition of "coming out" and throughout their lives.

PFLAG can help. The Stay Close Campaign helps GLBT people, their family and friends to stay close, understand and support one another.

The Stay Close Campaign supports and celebrates real family values of understanding, acceptance, respect and love.  |  why stay close?  |  the campaign  |  about pflag  |  contact stay close  |  donate

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