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Why Stay Close?
What if someone tells you they're gay?
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Below you will find the stories of regular people who have learned that someone in their family or amongst their friends is gay.  They share with us the emotional rollercoaster they went through when their son, daughter, or friend came out to them.   Sometimes they experience fear, shame, or hurt, but in most cases a message of love prevails:  Relationships are too precious to lose, so Stay Close to your loved ones.

Please come back and visit the site to read new stories and don't hesitate to share your own. 

The Best Moms
submitted by Lisa Lee

It was the biggest relief
submitted by Jessica A

A Daughters Love
submitted by Laura B.

A sunny afternoon
submitted by Sophie G.

My Son Bil
submitted by Brenda L.

My Coming Out Day Was Great
submitted by Richard L.

Fathers, Be a Lion!
submitted by James M. P.

A Mother's Story
submitted by Patricia N.

A Family's Unusual Blessings
submitted by Tom S.

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