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My Son Bil
submitted by Brenda L.
I think I knew my son was gay when he was a little boy but I didn't want to believe it. I always cared for gay people and defended them but for some reason my son never felt he could tell us. We are Baptist and I think knowing how the church felt about gay people was one reason he kept it from us.

My son died on Sept. 6, 1997 from something he inhaled that I understand a lot of gay kids use. He died on the day of Princess Diana's funeral. My life has never been the same since that day and I think part of the reason is even though down deep I knew he was gay, I could never discuss it with him and he took this with him to his grave. I feel so sad that he never felt he could tell us because we loved him no matter what. I see such a burden for gay people and even though I have gone back to church after being mad at God for awhile, I get so angry with Christian people because they just do not understand.

My son tried to be straight and I know beyond any doubt he did not chose this. I know there is something I need to do for or with the gay community to help me heal from the feeling that I let my son down. If it's nothing but just be there for someone to talk to that doesn't have anyone to talk to, My son was a wonderful young man and I miss him so much. If there is someone out there who would like to be my friend I would like to be yours. Thank you

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