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The Best Moms
submitted by Lisa Lee
My story is about growing up with a gay parent. I can rememeber the day I found out that my mom was gay, it was Christmas of 1978- I was 8 years old. It was hard the first probally 5 or 6 years after that, because I knew my family was different, and in the early 80's, gays weren't accepted at all in Lexington. At first, I tried to hide the fact: I would never let her take me to school, never have friends over. But the reality was at home we had a very normal functioning family- so why be ashamed? My mom was in a committed relationship with another woman, and we lived just like any other heterosexual family would. At 13 my mom and her "friend" decided they wanted another child, so my mom got pregnant. Being a lesbian couple in 1983 trying to have a child wasn't easy though: there was so much ridicule and hatred. My mom and her friend didn't give up though and soon I had a little sister. Growing up with my moms, and as you see mom is plural, was a little hard at first (both for me and my sister) but my moms helped us and guided us thru it all. I'm now 34 and have been married for 13 years and my little sister is 21 and just got married in September. Although we're not gay, we support our mothers who have been together now for 25 years, a lot longer than most heterosexual couples. They stood up in a time when you probably could have been killed for telling someone you were gay. They lived a very open life: as far back as I can remember I can see them holding hands, even in public. They are my rock, and they have showed me how to live a life without prejudice, and to only see the good in everyone. I credit my long marriage to my moms who showed me that true love and a little perseverance is what you need to stay together forever. My mom who gave birth to me just found out she has lung cancer: it's the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with, but to see my mom and her "friend" you would never know there was a problem.

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